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RepliCast Miniatures News Update

September 2013

A new name to remember within RepliCast Miniatures is Sam Diprose, who is a close family friend and has been working closely with us regarding our miniatures business.

He is young, bright, enthusiastic and has shown great potential in the manufacture and sales of our miniature products whilst things personally have taken a different path for our family; Sam has stepped into the breach and proved invaluable in keeping things ticking over.

Through my personal tuition Sam has stepped upto the task, and although having his own plaster casting business within another realm of miniatures, he has proved very capable of adapting his own methods along with mine to carry on producing RepliCast Miniatures. His ongoing tuition will include all aspects of miniatures business which make up RepliCast.

So, long standing customers and new, need not worry as to the quality of our products from stock items, one off productions, room makeovers to full house decor -

RepliCast Miniatures still delivers

Steve Cook