Pedestals, Urns & Figures
  Pedestals, Urns & Figures in White Resin
Our Products
turned pedestal
Turned Pedestal Height 7 cm
tall rose pedestal
Tall Rose Pedestal
square bottom rose pedestal
Square Bottom Rose Pedestal
round bottom rose pedestal
Round Bottom Rose Pedestal
ornate square pedestal
Ornate Square Pedestal
small rose pedestal
Small Rose Pedestal
small plain pedestal
Small Plain Pedestal
carved elephant pedestal
Carved Elephant Pedestal
mackintosh pedestal
Mackintosh Pedestal
large ornate pedestal
Large Ornate Pedestal
small cherub pillar
Small Cherub Pillar
thistle pedestal
Thistle Pedestal
suare roe plinth
Square Rose Plinth
fancy bottom plinth
Fancy Bottom Plinth
square bottom plinth
Square Bottom Plinth
small square bottom plinth
Small Square Bottom Plinth
small fancy bottom plinth
Small Fancy Bottom Plinth
rustic plint
Rustic Plinth
cherub urn
Cherub Urn
large urn
Large Urn
rose urn
Rose Urn
globe urn
Globe Urn
1st grace
1st Grace
2nd grace
2nd Grace
3rd grace
3rd Grace
the 3 graces
The 3 Graces
greek lady
Greek Lady
goddess & cherub
Goddess & Cherub
bust pedestal
Bust Pedestal
lion urn
Lion Urn