Worldwide Delivery
Manufactured in the UK
Established 2001

About RepliCast Miniatures

We are a family run business established in 2000 and we specialize in doll's house miniature design and manufacture of 1/12th scale decorative architectural resinware for use in and on dolls houses. Our products are for collectors and enthusiasts.

We produce Ceiling Roses, Embellishments, Wall Panels, Firesurrounds, Hearths, Overmantle Mirrors, Coving, Frieses, Cornice, Niches, Pediments, Overdoors, Balustrades, Planters, Archways, Plain & Fluted Doric, Corinthian & Ionic Columns and Half Columns, Capitals & Plinths, Ceiling Tiles & Panels, Pelmets & Bed Canopies and Sundry Items. 99% of our products are individually designed and made by RepliCast Miniatures.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are only too pleased to help our customers with simple help and advice. Also offering a service of commission work i.e. from one off individual pieces to complete room design and houses, including wall panelling, ceilings, archways, decorative painted finishes and faux marble finishes.

Our mouldings can be used on the inside or outside of your dolls house giving a wide range of possibilities and with the application of various paint effects can make your dolls house a stunning Victorian Semi or Grand Country Manor.

We are increasing the range continually to meet customer demand and our own desire to create more interesting and creative pieces.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.