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Fixing & Finishing Instructions

To cut RepliCast ornamental products, take care; they are fragile. Use a flat surface to work on; use a mitre block, and bench hook if possible.

These are available from most model/ hardware shops.

Use a modelling razor saw and hold the piece firmly in place, but under no pressure, let the saw do the work, donít force it as this will chip, and/or, break the piece.

When the piece is cut, try it in place and if it is too big, use a block and abrasive paper and sand down the edge until it fits, do not force it.

A variety of adhesives are available to fix in position, use the one you feel easy with, i.e. PVA, superglue, contact adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, silicone/polymer/acrylic sealants.

Apply to the piece and press firmly into position (again donít force it) use masking tape if necessary to hold, until the glue has set, any joints can be filled using many different household fillers, applied using a small modelling knife or tool, sometimes it is easier to wet the area first. When dry, use fine grade wet/dry paper to remove the excess filler. Paint finishes are up to the individual, and one of the easiest being emulsion match pots, thinned to a milky consistency, this way a few coats can be applied without loosing detail. Enamel and acrylics are also suitable either by brush or spray, (you might find it easier to paint items firstly before fitting).

Ceiling roses are supplied with holes. As well as a room light centre piece, they can be used in many different ways either cut up in half or quarters, or left as a whole, and used to create various ornamental arrangements, on ceilings or walls.

Ceiling Panels are best painted before fixing. Before fitting try the panel in place before any adhesives.

If the panel doesnít fit right up to the edges, mark around in pencil where it is to fit. Cut 2/4 pieces of 3mm (1/8Ē) small stripwood, slightly longer than ceiling height. Spread the back of panel with PVA and using a side to side movement press gently into place, thus causing a degree of suction for hold. Use stripwood placed at the corners as props for support, not tight, leave for approx 20 mins. Fill around each panel with RepliCast Filler to complete.

Do not rush, take your time and you can achieve fantastic results. Remember to handle with care and have fun. These instructions are intended as a guideline only and therefore, RepliCast cannot be held responsible for any breakages/damages etc.

RepliCast reserve the right to alter any designs, codes and prices at any time. All sizes are approximate.

Reproduction of RepliCast products are strictly forbidden Copyright 2000-2019 (c)

Fixing & Finishing Instructions